2018 Sustainability Report

A Gift that Saved a Life

In 2018, a Walker Industries employee donated one of his kidneys to a fellow co-worker, a man he had only known for a few years. Mike Deluca has been suffering from gradual kidney failure over the past three years when Laurence Leriger offered to donate one of his kidneys.

After testing, it was discovered that the two were a match and on March 28th, they both underwent surgery. The transplant was successful and both men have recovered from their surgeries. Their families have become very close as a result of their shared experience. Mike has become a transplant ambassador at St. Joseph’s Healthcare, providing support to other people undergoing transplants and their families.

“For the few years I’ve worked at Walker I would hear about the ‘Walker Way’, and now I know exactly what that means.”
— Mike Deluca, Quarry Superintendent, Vineland & Spring Creek, Aggregates


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