2017 Sustainability Report

Enhancing Our Enterprise

We continually work to enhance our business enterprise and make necessary changes to operate more efficiently and effectively. In 2017, we undertook a number of enterprise enhancement activities, including upgrading auto-routing capabilities within Walker Environmental and introduced tire retreading, across the company.


Walker Environmental’s organics recycling and grease trap operations upgraded their Customer Relations Management (CRM) software and auto-routing capabilities to enhance customer service and reduce their environmental footprint. Auto-routing increases route density, profitability and efficiencies, while reducing drive time and potential for missed services. This program also helps with aspects of logistics, such as validating service requirements, rebalancing schedules based on available resources and identifying service issues. Auto-routing has helped us shift focus to create a better experience with our customers when issues arise or service requirements change.

Tire Retreading

We have adopted the technology of modern tire retreading across Walker Industries. The process of retreading includes re-manufacturing tires to replace worn tread, while preserving the majority of material, resulting in a high-quality tire. Retreaded tires are similar to brand new tires, but at a significantly lower cost. Retreading the tires on our fleet of vehicles is more cost-effective than purchasing new tires. Tread designs and compounds can be customized for specific applications, which improve the performance and longevity of the retreaded tire. This enables us to extend the life of the tire, reduce disposal fees and keep tires out of the waste stream.



“If we can divert those tires and extend their lives, then that’s great — less energy goes into retread tires than into purchasing new tires… The longer you can keep a tire in service, the less waste you have in the long run.”
— Ken Lucyshyn, Executive Vice President, Aggregates and Construction



Innovative and Sustainable Products

Sustainable and Innovative Products & Services GraphicOne of our sustainability goals was to increase our sustainable and innovative products and services. Sustainable products and services are those that not only support economic prosperity, but also environmental and social prosperity. Some of our sustainable products include recovering and grinding waste shingles and introducing them into new products, emulsion products utilizing renewable oils as well as our cold recycled asphalt mix. These products not only have economic benefits, but also social and environmental benefits such as preserving nonrenewable resources and diverting waste from landfill.


Innovative products and services are those that have been introduced to new customer segments in the last five years. Some innovative products and services include our Walker Aggregates’ kitty litter, Walker Emulsion’s bio-based emulsion products and Walker Environmental grease trap services. These products and services are considered innovative as they are new to our company in the last five years or have reached new customers or markets.

Over time, changing market conditions have created fluctuations in our 

level of innovative product and service offerings. Our successes in broadening our resource recovery services and diverting wastes from landfills has contributed to an increase in our sustainable products and services.

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