2017 Sustainability Report

Growing Our Business

At Walker Industries, the key to our economic success is our long-term view, which supports our responsible growth. Over the last five years, we have seen tremendous growth with the expansion of our businesses in all divisions.

In December 2017, Walker Environmental acquired Gro-Bark®, the leading mulch and potting soil manufacturer in Ontario. Based in Caledon, Ontario, the addition of Gro-Bark® makes Walker the largest fully-integrated organics recovery company in Canada. Gro-Bark® services the Ontario and US Great Lakes region’s horticultural industry with high-quality, sustainable and innovative materials that help plants grow.

Gro-Bark® has over 80 employees who were welcomed into the Walker family. In addition to the soil-blending facility in Caledon, there are four composting sites, five mulch production sites and several aged bark reclamation sites throughout Ontario.



“Gro-Bark® shares the Walker view that end product quality is the key to the successful recovery of organics in the developing circular economy. Their dedication to servicing the customer first and ability to execute on logistics and materials movement provides Walker with an unparalleled advantage in the marketplace.”
— Mike Watt, Executive Vice-President, Walker Environmental



We continue to invest in recovering and repurposing organic waste into high quality products for retailers, nurseries and greenhouses, and together, we distribute and sell over 500,000 tonnes of finished products from recovered organics each year.

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