2017 Sustainability Report

Planning for the Future

Graphic: Number of employees over 20 years of service, 110. Average length of service 10 year.As a fifth-generation family business, strategic planning for the long-term future is vital. In 2017, we concluded one five-year planning cycle and conducted a process to develop a new five-year plan. This effort took place over many months and involved employees across the organization, including people in operations, sales, finance, human resources, information technology, health and safety, environmental performance and executive. In the process, we assessed the continued relevance of our divisional missions, visions, goals and objectives, and we revised them accordingly to reflect each group’s future aspirations. We also created suitable metrics to measure our future performance, paying particular attention to critical elements that support the ongoing strength of our businesses, such as research and innovation, competitive advantages and productivity. We completed the process in late 2017 when we presented the plan to our Board of Directors.



“Planning for the future is an important element of the way we do business at Walker Industries. It allows us to shape our future and maintain the long-term view in all that we do.”
— John Fisher, President & CEO


 Graphic showing Number of Employees by Division

Graphic: Production Rates for Walker Aggregates, Walker Emulsions and Walker Environmental Graphic: Property Taxes Paid

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