2017 Sustainability Report

“Beeing” Aware

Pollinating species are experiencing global decline due to the loss of habitats and flowering plants, pathogens, parasites and pesticides. 

Without pollinators, much of the food we eat and the natural habitats we enjoy would not exist. Improving the health of bees and other pollinators is a necessity. 

At Walker Industries, we are working to protect these species by educating people on the importance of pollinators, planting pollinator habitats and beekeeping, as well as partnering with experts to protect bee colonies. Each of our divisions has taken action in one way or another to promote, support or protect pollinators.

Collage of photos showing Walker Industries pollinator efforts


2017 Pollinator Projects

    • Walker Aggregates’ Duntroon Quarry created a bear-proof beehive in a decommissioned service truck, which provides access to the bees but keeps the bears out.
    • Norjohn Contracting teamed up with a pollinator expert from Niagara College to save a hive from a tree that was set to be removed from a job site. The pollinator expert shared best practices for removing the hive to ensure protection of the bees. To ensure no bees went missing, the hive was removed at night and then quarantined until it reached its final destination – the agriculture study area on our closed East Landfill.
    • Walker Emulsions Burlington created a pollinator garden and built two Warre style beehives. Alex Buchan, Plant Operator, built the hives himself and has become the site’s beekeeper. He developed beekeeping skills through a course offered by Niagara Farm Project, an organization for promoting interest in local sustainable farming practices.
    • All Treat Farms in Arthur, Ontario, planted pollinator flowers and plants on the berms surrounding their site, increasing our pollinator footprint.
    • Walker Environmental transformed the closed areas of the East Landfill in Niagara Falls, Ontario, into a pollinator habitat and is recognized as a productive agriculture land by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. We partnered with Beaverloch Farms, a local family farming business that practices 100% insecticide-free farming, to prepare, plant and manage the crop of winter wheat and red clover for the 2017–2018 growing seasons. A 12-seed pollinator mix was applied to a 1,000 m3 area of the agricultural field, providing a significant food source for pollinators. The research and actions taken on this site alone have identified Walker Environmental as a leader in its industry for providing sustainable pollinator habitats on a waste site.

Walker Environmental partnered with Niagara College to support its Commercial Beekeeping program. The students manage nine hives on our Niagara Campus by following the normal annual lifecycle of a honeybee, from winter slumber, to honey extraction, to overwintering the hives and more.

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