2018 Sustainability Report

Energy & Climate

Chart depicting electricity exported to grid


Managing energy responsibly is essential to our operations as we work to meet our Energy Management objectives of Energy Conservation, Demand Management, Renewable Energy and Fleet Energy.

Our Integrated Gas Recovery Services (IGRS) partnership with Comcor Environmental continues to collect and condition landfill gas to produce electricity to export to the grid across Canada. Renewable energy reduces our carbon footprint, lessens the load on our electrical grid and reduces our demand on fossil fuels.

In 2019, we plan to roll out our Energy Action Plans to meet our Energy Objectives, become more efficient and reduce our consumption.

“We focus on innovative energy management and climate action to not only reduce our contribution to climate change but adapt our operations to become resilient to climate impacts.”

— Tim Murphy, Vice President, Environmental Performance



Our company recognizes that in order to remain a successful business, we must not only work to reduce our contribution to climate change, but adapt to a changing climate and plan for a climate-altered future. In an effort to reduce our contributions to climate change, we measure and work to understand our energy and water consumption and look for opportunities for improvement or alternatives where possible.

We are also developing strategies to adapt our business and front line operations to the changing climate to minimize risks and build resilience by planning for and responding to climate impacts.

We have conducted site-specific Climate Change Risk Assessments across the company to determine our top priority risks to focus actions to meet our Climate Action Objectives of mitigation, adaptation and resilience. Each site is aware of the climate change risks they face and have site-specific Climate Action Plans to mitigate and adapt to risks to build climate resiliency.

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