2017 Sustainability Report

Managing Energy Responsibly

We continually strive to manage energy responsibly at Walker Industries. In 2017, we hired an Energy Lead who guides and supports initiatives in energy efficiency, demand management, renewable energy and fleet management across the company. The Energy Lead also spearheads our Energy Leadership Group.

We also participated in the Independent Electricity Systems Operator’s (IESO) Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) program. The program is a form of demand response that allows large customers to manage their Global Adjustment cost by reducing their demand during peak periods. Helping Ontario reduce load at peak times helps the province avoid building additional expensive generation.

In addition, we continued our efforts under Integrated Gas Recovery Services (IGRS), a partnership between Walker Environmental and Comcor Environmental, who is the largest landfill gas utilization project developer in Canada, and creates renewable energy that provides electricity back to the grid.

Green Energy Production

Renewable energy reduces our carbon footprint, lessens the load on our electrical grid and reduces our demand on fossil fuels. At a number of landfills in Ontario, we collect landfill gas, condition the gas and produce electricity by using internal combustion reciprocating engines. In 2017, we produced enough electricity from our landfill and our partnership landfills to power approximately 8,000 Canadian homes.



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