2017 Sustainability Report

Growing Resource Recovery

As a privately owned company, we recognize our role in making Ontario more efficient and resilient. It is important that we support Ontario’s efforts in building a low carbon, circular economy. With that, we have worked to improve existing activities and create new processes that recover resources.

In 2016, we received approval to repurpose a section of our closed East Landfill into a Resource Recovery Area, which became fully operational in 2017. The main objective of the Walker Resource Recovery Area (WRRA) is to identify materials that are typically disposed of in landfills and to instead process and reintroduce them as new products into the marketplace. Materials currently diverted from landfill and stored or processed at the WRRA include wood, railway ties and asphalt shingles, which will be processed into various products including low-carbon fuels and recycled asphalt blends.

This type of facility supports continued opportunities to work with companies looking to alternative low-carbon fuel as a replacement for coal. The WRRA also blends clean clay or soil with organic materials into a manufactured topsoil for landfill capping and agricultural or landscape markets.



“The Resource Recovery Area provides an opportunity for us to create new products and fuel sources, all while lowering greenhouse gas emissions and repurposing the land on top of our East Landfill.”
— Tim McVicar, Vice President Transfer and Disposal, Walker Environmental



In 2017, we invested in technology that helps to improve compost product quality and reduce waste material at our All Treat Farms location in Arthur, Ontario. The new equipment separates mixed waste into various components to decrease the amount of overs, plastic or non-compostable material in the final product.

The processed material is separated into five categories (sticks, stones, fines, metal and plastic), which provide a number of environmental benefits. Washed sticks and stones are reused on site for processing and construction purposes, respectively. Metals and plastics are disposed of correctly and fines continue through the composting process. Trials will continue into 2018 to decrease contamination in the composting process and improve overall compost quality.

Image showing tonnes of resources recovered in 2017

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