2018 Sustainability Report

GRI Materiality Analysis

In 2018, Walker Industries committed to transitioning our sustainability reporting to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards. To begin the transition, we underwent a Materiality Analysis with key internal stakeholders to determine what social, environmental and economic topics were significant to report.


Severity Potential seriousness of damage as a result of the impact to society, the environment, or economy.
Frequency How often the activity/product/service and associated impact occurs during normal operation.
Regulatory  Anything that is subject to licenses, permits, laws or regulations.
Company Values The impact addressed, directly or indirectly, through or consistent with company values.
Sustainability Model The impact addresses, directly or indirectly, through or consistent with Walker’s Corporate Sustainability (SEE) Model.


3 Highest priority/Yes
2 Intermediate significance
1 Of least concern/No

A Materiality Analysis Survey was circulated to the Senior Management Team consisting of 26 individuals from the General Manager to the CEO level which allowed them to rank the importance of each impact. An average ranking of each impact was included in the Materiality Analysis.

The aspects that scored 15 or greater on the ranking assessment were identified as significant aspects. The chosen threshold was 15 as it falls directly between the overall intermediate significance summation and the overall highest priority summation.Chart depicting materiality analysis survey results

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