2017 Sustainability Report

Nurturing a Desirable Workplace

Our company strives to support, guide and exceed requirements to create and maintain a healthy, positive and respectful work environment. The employee culture at Walker Industries can be felt clearly through the respect and cooperation that is demonstrated by each individual. We work with our employees to create a positive and enjoyable work environment. We provide opportunities to develop skills and transition into roles with increasing responsibility. It is because of this encouraging environment that we are able to keep employees happy and maintain a low turnover rate year after year, with an average length of service of 10 years and 110 employees with over 20 years of service.

Voluntary Turnover Rate Graphic

We are committed to the development of knowledge and capabilities of our employees and we believe that, in order to effectively operate, we encourage our employees to enhance their capabilities within every aspect of our operation. We provide both internal and external training and leadership opportunities for all of our employees, such as our Walker Goodman Leadership Program. In 2015, we collaborated with the Goodman School of Business at Brock University to develop a unique program designed specifically for Walker Industries employees who are in supervisory roles or who aspire to fill future management roles. Employees develop leadership skills, understand strategic planning processes and basic financial principles, and further strengthen communication skills and practices. In 2017, the third cohort of Walker Industries employees graduated from the program.

In 2017, many of our employees attended a session that reviewed sustainability at Walker Industries and discussed the three aspects of our Sustainability Model — social, environmental and economic — to highlight key examples of initiatives we are undertaking that make us a leader in sustainability. Our employees were also encouraged to come up with ideas for future sustainability initiatives.

Three key ideas were developed through the session: Walker Gives Back, Energy Wise and “Bee” Aware. Initiatives undertaken in 2017 as a result of this session are highlighted in the following sections: Encouraging Philanthropy, Managing Energy Responsibly and “Beeing” Aware.


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