2018 Sustainability Report

President & CEO Message

Photo of John Fisher, President and CEOResilience is a term that we hear often in today’s society. It refers to the ability to adjust and succeed in times of change. It applies to individuals, organizations, communities and societies. Since our beginning in 1887, Walker Industries has strived for resilience in the face of change in the workplace, the economy, and the society around us. In our 2018 Sustainability Report, we focus on resilience and the information and anecdotes that illustrate the social, environmental and economic resilience of Walker Industries.

People are the foundation of our resilience. Whether it is the efforts made to create a safe and healthy workplace or the actions taken to nurture a desirable culture, people at Walker Industries embrace the opportunities presented by change and pursue initiatives to make our company better. Their resilience extends to philanthropic activity and community engagement, where our people work with colleagues, organizations, and communities to address a diversity of socio-economic and environmental issues.

The resilience of our environment is essential for all of us. At Walker Industries, we recognize the need to act in an environmentally responsible manner for the sake of current and future generations. We have focused our attention on leading sustainable practices, such as taking action on climate change, energy management, and biodiversity. These efforts build upon our long-standing commitment to footprinting our carbon emissions and water consumption to identify and implement measures to effect change.

Economic change requires corporate resilience. By growing and evolving our businesses to address the needs of our customers today and tomorrow, Walker Industries demonstrates the continued resilience that we need to succeed. Our aggregates and construction businesses support sustainable growth, our resource recovery and renewable energy businesses contribute to the circular economy and our emulsions business uses research and innovation to create sustainable solutions via chemistry and technology.

Our legacy matters. Leaving a positive past while creating an optimistic future is at the heart of our company. Our resilience has enabled us to meet these aspirations in an ever-changing world. We also believe it underscores our commitment to building lasting relationships with partners, interactions with Indigenous communities, and respectful relations with our neighbours where we operate. We trust the stories and information provided in our 2018 Sustainability Report gives readers some perspective as to how we operate. 


John Fisher, President & CEO

Walker Industries

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